thinking that he was going to attack me. I wasnt scared but


所以鼓足了勇气问她要去哪儿, To my relief, I have always liked Japanese people. I instantly felt the urge to talk to her. Being the introvert that I consider myself to be,他都不相信,她很乐意跟我聊天,我在心里一再告诉自己不要害怕,头发乱蓬蓬的,我没被他吓到,我看见一个外国人和我在同一个站台上。


提高了音量,当时我充满了力量,用衣服挡着, zyada hero ban raha hai ?(Who are you,我们聊到了斋浦尔和日本动漫等等,向他讲述了事情经过,要带她去哪儿,所以总是对日本人很有好感。

in order to make people gather around us. He was drunk and ignored the few people that were watching. He moved towards me. 他朝我走过来,问他是谁, almost shouting, I was waiting on the platform. I saw a foreigner who was on the same platform. She looked something like this- 假期结束我回大学时火车晚点了, I am a huge fan of anime,看到人多了,但身体却在抖,以为他要袭击我, (翻译:菲菲) ,那个坏人退却了。

可能她没明白那个男人在说什么, and asked him who he was and where he was taking her. That man in a angry tone replied Tu kaun hai, I almost threw my laptop bag, I left my bags there and started almost running towards them. I stopped the man,他喊着说会带人过来,我吓了一跳,不知道为什么当时我感到了危险。

那个男人很生气地说:你是谁呀?要逞英雄吗? He moved towards me and took out a part of a big knife hidden by his clothes. I was shocked and was completely not expecting that. I dont know how but sensing danger at that moment,我灵机一动,而且要跟他走,就跑掉了, anime etc. 因为我超级喜欢日本动漫, are you trying to be a hero?) 我走过去听他们说话, Whats the bravest thing you have ever done? 你做过什么最勇敢的事? I was going back to my college after the semester break. As the train was late,我自认为很内向,我找到一个警察,很快发现那个男人喝多了,那个男人留着大胡子,然而每次想起来我都感觉挺自豪的。


tereko kya matlab,朝我走过来。

只露出一小部分, All of this happened so fast that I didnt even ask her name. I texted about this to my friend who didnt believe me. Still,我特别想去跟她聊天,我去附近商店买水,我向那个女孩解释所有的事,我才意识到发生了什么。


她该跟他走, I only saw moments like this in movies. I repeated in my head not to get scared. There was so much energy in me at that moment,差点把电脑包扔了,就是下面这样: I went there and started listening in on their conversation. I quickly realised that he was drunk as I could smell alcohol. He told her in imperfect English that train was cancelled and she should come with him. Anyone could tell that his intentions were not right. To my surprise, I gathered all the courage and asked her where she was going. She responded well and we talked about Jaipur,回来时她正和一个身高大约6.3英尺的男人说话。

我拦住那个男人, I lifted her bags and mine (five bags in total along with my laptop bag) and started walking in opposite direction along with her. I explained everything to that girl and asked her to come with me. I found a policeman there and narrated the incident to him. That policeman assured us that he will take care of the matter. 让我庆幸的是人们注意到他的刀开始围上来,她跟我挥手再见,这完全出乎我的意料,那个女孩在笑,我几乎以光速抓起她的包和我的包(一共5个包外加我的电脑包), that girl was smiling and started walking away with him. Maybe she didnt understand what the man was saying. She waved her hand to me as good-bye. I realised what was happening, people noticed his knife and started gathering. Noticing the people that villain backed away. He was shouting that he will bring other guys there and started running away. At lighting speed,我能闻到酒味,看起来像维拉潘(印度大土匪), an idea occurred to me and I stared talking loudly,根本不在乎看着我们的几个人。



We talked for about fifteen minutes. I went to buy a water bottle at a nearby shop. When I came back,我在站台上等车, I always feel proud every time think about this incident. 所有这一切都发生的太快。

拿出一把长刀, thinking that he was going to attack me. I wasnt scared but I was shaking. 我只在电影里见过这种场面,想把人们吸引过来,他醉醺醺的,她看起像下面这样: Since。

she was talking to a man who was about 63 feet. He had big moustache and messy hair. He looked like Veerappan - this guy 我们聊了15分钟,谁都能看出来他图谋不轨。